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The 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Everyone


If you're a freelancer or entrepreneur with online activities, this blog will teach you about the best Chrome extensions.

Google Chrome is the most popular browser because of its speed, security, and ease of use. As a result, it has over 2 billion users worldwide, making it the most popular browser on the planet.

Google Chrome's ability to integrate with other Google services is one of its most prominent qualities. Extensions are one of several ways to enhance the functionality of your browser.

These are simple scripts that you can install on your browser to perform a variety of purposes. Google develops a large number of extensions.

However, most extensions are developed by third parties worldwide for various purposes. First, they enhance your web browsing experience by adding functionality to your browser.

Extensions have been around since 2006, when Google Chrome was initially published, but have only recently gained popularity. You can do more than merely visit online pages using browser extensions.

Make Better Use of Your Browser

Google Chrome has an in-browser app store called Chrome Web Store. Because they enhance the functionality of your Chrome browser, the apps are referred to as extensions.

They improve Chrome by providing new features or reducing some of your difficulties.

For example, you might not want to bother keeping remembered passwords in browsers. When surfing the internet, you can also create your webpage with a single click. There's always a Chrome extension for that!

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

There are numerous great Google Chrome extensions available to assist you in simplifying and speeding your work. And I've compiled a list of my top ten Google Chrome extensions that are ideal for folks who work online. Let us begin!

Grammarly: The Best Chrome Extension for Marketers & Freelancers

You always deal with written content as a marketer, freelance writer, or entrepreneur. You can either write something yourself or hire someone else to write something for your website or social media accounts. However, your work does not end when you finish writing.

You must proofread your article to ensure that it is error-free. The issue is that even if you are a competent writer with a strong command of the language, specific errors may creep through the cracks from time to time.

Some articles or prepositions may be omitted; this is where Grammarly comes in! I'm in love with it. Click here to read my Grammarly review for digital marketers. Fortunately, it also has a Chrome extension.

Grammarly's Google Chrome plugin assists you in writing grammatically acceptable blog entries and social network posts. In addition, it allows you to proofread your text as you write it. Here are some examples of what you can accomplish using Grammarly's Chrome extension:

  • Set the tone and style.
  • Find the appropriate words to express yourself.
  • Proofread in Chrome while you're writing.
  • Improve your use of articles and prepositions.

And there's more. It's an essential Google Chrome Extension for anyone who works online. That takes us to the next candidate on board.

Instagram Assistant (INSSIST)

Have you ever wanted to post to Instagram from your laptop or desktop computer? You may have tried utilizing photo capture or other plugins to take quick Instagram photos on your desktop.

But what about submitting video covers and posting schedules?

INSSIST, a Google Chrome plugin, allows you to perform all of that and more.

“I found it inconvenient to have to launch the Instagram app every time I wanted to share something,” says one user.

INSSIST makes it easier to upload images, videos, stories, and carousels to Instagram.

When you upload a video, it will snap screenshots before uploading the entire thing at once. You may also schedule posts and manage your Instagram account.

vidIQ: YouTubers' Favorite Chrome Extension

If you're a YouTuber, you'll undoubtedly enjoy this extension. vidIQ is an all-in-one tool for optimizing your YouTube channel's SEO.

It also assists you in coming up with new concepts for your following YouTube videos. Furthermore, its Chrome extension performs a variety of functions at no cost.

What you can accomplish with vidIQ's Chrome addon is as follows:

  • Learn about the insights and metrics that extend beyond YouTube Analytics.
  • The Trending tab can help you find great videos.
  • View the rankings for any video on YouTube, including your own.
  • Track keyword ranking history to see when a keyword's popularity is trending up or down over time.
  • Quickly determine which videos are performing the best on YouTube right now.
  • Get keyword ideas for your title, description, and tags.

With all of these features, you can predict whether or not a video will go viral. In addition, on your browser, you can also view complete optimization report cards for YouTube videos. This way, you may benefit from insights on how to increase views and subscribers.

Also, check out these 8 of my favorite YouTube tips to help you grow your channel.

GMass: A Gmail Marketer's Powerful Chrome Extension

If you use Google Workspace, you might want to continue with it. Even if you're a Gmail fanatic like me, you'll appreciate GMass for expanding your emailing capabilities on the platform.

GMass (aka Gmail Mass) enables users to compose and send bulk emails over Gmail. It's an excellent tool because you may use it in place of a third-party email sending platform.

Features of the GMass Chrome Extension:

Users can use the Gmail Extension to do the following:

  • SMTP authentication uses.
  • HTML and Multipart MIME content types are supported.
  • Send email marketing campaigns to thousands of recipients.
  • Mail merge with Google Sheets data.
  • You may schedule your mass email campaigns.

Best Chrome Extensions for SEO: Keywords Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is a free Chrome extension that assists with keyword research. However, if you want more capability, you can always purchase the premium version. It appears to be a helpful tool for SEOs and web marketers.

The extension provides you with access to vital SEO indicators such as:

  • The volume of keyword searches
  • The cost per click (CPC)
  • The ranking difficulty for more than 15 websites such as Google

Keywords Everywhere display SEO information from the search engine. Without a doubt, it saves a significant amount of time. But hold on, there's more. On the right side of Google, it also displays trend charts, related and long-tail terms.

You may also examine Google's projected organic traffic and the top 5000 keywords for websites. So, there's a lot to look forward to from this fantastic Chrome extension, primarily if you work online.

SimilarWeb: Traffic Rank & Website Analysis Extension

SimilarWeb is an internet application that assists you in conducting competitive analysis. By evaluating your competition, you can determine the most effective techniques to boost profit and sales.

SimilarWeb provides helpful information on websites such as rating, traffic, keywords, social media analytics, geolocation, and more.

Use the web app to obtain complete information about your competitors' websites. Download Similarweb's Chrome plugin if you desire instant information like me. You can use the extension to:

  • Find out about keyword trends.
  • Learn about new keywords.
  • Take advantage of real-time traffic analytics.
  • Examine engagement metrics.
  • Investigate data on unique visitors.
  • Examine the category of your industry.
  • Use data from the current month.

Without a doubt, Similarwebs' Chrome extension is a must-have tool for SEOs and online marketers. It provides information on your website's rank, visitors over time, geography, traffic sources, and more.

ColorZilla: The Best Chrome Extension for Choosing Website Colors

ColorZilla for Chrome is a free color picker and palette browser that works in virtually any web environment. And you can do it from anywhere in Chrome. It makes it easier for designers and developers to work with colors like as

  • Choose colors from a page.
  • Color HEX/RGB/HSV values on a page can be adjusted.
  • Colors chosen from any website can be saved.

Yes, you can use it on Firefox and enjoy a similar feature set. ColorZilla for Chrome is a fantastic tool for previewing colors from a palette on a gradient or web page. If a website uses numerous colors, this tool makes it easier to find them all.

If you're curious, you can also use it on retina displays. So, seek ideas from various websites. Combine several ideas. And rename your site just how you want it. The 9th best Chrome extension now shows the fonts used on any page.

Chrome Extension for Geeks: Notion Web Clipper

It's a Chrome plugin for geeks that allows you to highlight and store web content. It eventually becomes your knowledge base.

Notion created a Google Workspace alternative that helps teams develop better ideas and work more effectively.

But I'm here to discuss its Chrome addon. So, let me tell you about a couple of its unique qualities right now:

  • With a single click, you can save anything online.
  • You can use it on any device.
  • Easily organize your stored clips.
  • Tag, share and leave comments on the videos.

If you work online, you must be using the internet to do your business. And there are instances when you do not have the time to read or study something.

However, you must do so. That's when Notion Web Clipper comes in handy.

Wappalyzer: Understand the Technology Underpinning Any Online Business

This extension appears as an icon that displays the CMS used on any page you visit. It explains which technologies and frameworks were utilized to construct this website.

This application detects many types of information about any page you visit. For example, it may identify many apps and frameworks used on this site, such as Bootstrap, jQuery, etc.

Why is it useful? It's because you understand the technology behind a website and can apply it to your own. So even if you're not a web developer, you might be interested in learning about the technology that powers a website.

WhatFont: The Best Chrome Extension for Identifying Fonts on Any Website

Are you a web designer with a penchant for fonts? Or perhaps you are the owner of a stand-alone website who wishes to customize it. Then, you'll enjoy WhatFont, a Chrome plugin that displays the fonts on any website.

WhatFont is a Chrome Extension that enables web designers to identify and compare typefaces on a page quickly. In addition, WhatFont will duplicate the selected page the first time you use it on any page.

It uses this website to determine which fonts are present and build an image displaying all of these fonts in various sizes. Aside from famous sites like Google and Amazon, you may also use them on sites that employ embedded fonts.

So that's all! These are the top ten Chrome extensions for everyone who works online. But hold on, there's more. Take a peek at some more Chrome Extensions for nerds.

Other Important Google Chrome Extensions to Use in 2022

User agent switcher
Privacy Badger
Better history
OneNote Web Clipper
CrxMouse Gestures
Mercury Reader
The Great Suspender
Session Buddy
Boomerang for Gmail
Print Friendly & PDF
Checker Plus for Gmail

Which of the Best Chrome Extensions Do You Prefer?

The internet has grown in importance in the corporate world. As a result, you must constantly learn new things about your profession. To get the most of it, you need to know the best Chrome extensions for your work.

That piqued my interest, so I compiled a list of ten of my favorites. However, everyone's requirements differ. If you're an Instagram user, you'll enjoy INSIST. However, if you're a YouTuber, you'll appreciate vidIQ's Chrome extension. Please tell me which Chrome extension you prefer.

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