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Bluehost Affiliate Program: Earn $65 for Each Signup

BlueHost Affiliate Program

Are you interested in earning 
Bluehost affiliate commissions without having to purchase site hosting or a domain name? You can earn money even if your audience is small. Continue reading if that excites you.

In this article, I’ll explain how you may make referral money using Quora and Medium. To begin, you’ll learn about Bluehost’s affiliate program and hosting tiers. Second, you’ll understand why I chose Bluehost as my referral partner.

By the end of this article, you’ll understand how to use Medium to promote affiliate links and drive traffic from Quora. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? So let’s get to work!

Bluehost pays you $65 for each sale you refer to as an affiliate.
It’s astounding when you realize the client may be paying only $8 per month and receiving the first month free. As a result, a simple $3 close ($3 underlying) pays $65. Huh? How is that possible?

Bluehost Affiliate Signup

To be sure, it all comes down to the customer's lifetime worth. 
Bluehost recognizes that hosting customers contribute significantly more value than just $65. In general, clients do not commonly switch hosting providers. And a sizable portion of them upgrades their plans.

This is remarkable even as an affiliate. And how about some grand plans? They should generate a substantial amount of affiliate commissions, correct? Actually, not at all. Affiliate commissions are the same for all plans.

It may be more beneficial to join an affiliate hosting program if your audience is more likely to purchase a \$100+ than a shared hosting plan. Otherwise, Bluehost provides a fantastic potential for you to earn a substantial profit on each transaction.

BlueHost offers six distinct types of hosting, allowing your readers to select a package that meets their specific needs. Consider the following pricing for their most affordable beginning and renewal plans:

  • Shared hosting is $2.95 per month with a monthly renewal fee of $8.99.
  • $15.95/month for WooCommerce hosting; $24.95/month for renewals
  • VPS hosting is $18.99 per month with a monthly renewal fee of $29.99.
  • Managed WordPress hosting is $9.95 per month with a monthly renewal fee of $29.99.
  • Dedicated hosting is $79.99 per month with a monthly renewal fee of $119.99.

 provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and new customer discounts, which presents you with a chance. The discount prices offered by Bluehost might save your audience up to 64% every month!

Bluehost is the world's most popular web hosting provider, with over 2 million websites hosted on its servers. And WordPress promotes it explicitly to its users. As a result, the program must be pretty promising.

Bluehost Homepage

This section functions similarly to an unbiased Bluehost affiliate review. Let us begin!

First, I propose that you try the Bluehost affiliate network, as it is straightforward to join. You do not need to adhere to the same stringent standards as you would with other affiliate programs.

And this makes it more approachable for you as a novice. In addition, everyone is now eligible to become a Bluehost affiliate.

The second reason to promote 
Bluehost to earn commissions is the company's diverse offering of hosting services at competitive prices. Additionally, the services offer the latest version of cPanel, superior after-sales support, and comprehensive analytics tools. What more do you require in terms of hosting?

You are not required to spend anything to join Bluehost's affiliate program. The needed minimal cost is for hosting, domain registration, and content. And you don't even need a domain or hosting with my way. And you'll still be able to earn money by promoting Bluehost.

I must emphasize that Bluehost pays generous commissions to its affiliates. You can make anywhere between $65 and $130 per sale. And that is colossal! The more sales you generate, the higher your commissions will be. It's that straightforward!

I've addressed the primary reasons for joining Bluehost's affiliate program, but there are numerous others. Let's learn how to earn affiliate commissions without having to purchase hosting or a name.

If you have a popular website, you may wish to promote affiliate links on it. And this has been discussed extensively in the past. Do you require web hosting? Take a look at Medium. Do you want to drive traffic to Medium? Take use of Quora. Allow me to explain.

The Medium enables you to post material that includes affiliate links. And it is fantastic news. However, I do not recommend going overboard. The algorithm helps spread the word about high-quality material on the internet. That is why you should constantly present your readers with value.

Bluehost has an excellent affiliate scheme, and Medium is a fantastic venue for publishing your work. Therefore, begin by writing material about Bluehost. Don't limit yourself to writing reviews and postings on the ‘best' hosting services. Rather than that, provide the most significant possible value. For instance, make:

  • Tutorials on how to get your readers' websites up and to run with Bluehost.
  • Comparative articles such as Bluehost versus Hostinger
  • Bluehost-related how-to articles

I hope you received it. Utilize Keyword Research Tool to discover Bluehost-related keywords and produce premium content around them. Additionally, create attention-grabbing headlines.

Develop High-Quality Content

Can your material achieve a high ranking on Medium if it satisfies the quality standard? Inquire about these points and determine whether your content meets Medium's quality standards. Your Medium material should be intelligent and candid.

Your readers may take offense if you advertise your affiliate links aggressively throughout your content. Therefore, to earn money on Medium, you must carefully compose and post content that contains only a few affiliate links.

Create Awe-Inspiring Headlines

While Medium permits ambiguous and creative titles, the majority of highly ranked content has a reasonably primary title, your post should be simple to read and comprehend for your audience. Add numbers to demonstrate sincerity and curiosity.

Once you start creating affiliate content on Medium, the platform will work for you. However, utilizing Quora to assist you in achieving your goals will expedite the process.

Content Repurposing for Quora

Increasing traffic from Quora to your Bluehost-related Medium content will help you improve your affiliate earnings. It is not merely a question-and-answer site but a full-featured intelligent forum. You are not even required to provide material this time.

It's as simple as repurposing your Medium post for Quora. Receiving referral traffic to your Medium is entirely free. Create a ‘Space‘ for hosting-related stuff and begin writing. Include no affiliate links on Quora, as the network prohibits it.

How, then, can you earn money using the Bluehost affiliate program? To that end, adapt lengthy pieces into shorter ones. Additionally, you can respond to queries and write brief entries in Space about topics related to your niche. And if you do it well, you'll get a significant amount of traffic for your affiliate material.

Allow me to provide a few ideas for quickly gaining traction on Quora.

  • Create a variety of material formats, including movies and photos.
  • Provide consistent value to your platform's readers.
  • Take inspiration from the seemingly endless supply of content ideas (related content)
  • Edit your qualifications with confidence (Show your expertise or hobbies)
  • Conduct content research within Quora to avoid duplication.
  • Respond to questions about your area of expertise (hosting, in this case)
  • Avoid being aggressive; instead, use natural language.
  • Utilize Quora advertisements to target your audience effortlessly.

That is everything for the time being. Allow me to outline the entire process for you at this point.

Bluehost's affiliate program is an excellent option if you're looking for an affiliate program with lax approval requirements. All you have to do is register and begin marketing affiliate connections. However, everyone does that, correct? Exactly.

You may wish to begin earning affiliate commissions without establishing a website. If this is the case, use Medium. It's a beautiful platform for affiliate content publication. However, you should avoid becoming overly aggressive in sharing your links.

The following is a summary of what you must do:

1. Become a member of the Bluehost affiliate program.

2. Create content that is Bluehost-related.

3. Distribute the content using Medium.

4. Adapt it for Quora

5. Include hyperlinks to your Medium post.

Additionally, you can earn money by marketing the world's most popular web hosting provider. Kindly inform me in the comments section below if you enjoyed this content. Additionally, please share it with your friends and family.

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