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How To Mine Cardano ADA in PC or Laptop (2022)

How To Mine Cardano ADA in PC Or Laptop

Do you wish to mine for ADA? That is an excellent decision! Cardano is a game-changing project in the realm of cryptocurrencies. This cryptocurrency mining tutorial will show you how to mine Cardano ADA on a PC or laptop.

I previously wrote a guide on mining Ergocoin and discussed proof of work and staking.

And if you're an expert, know that you're correct that you can't mine Cardano directly. Why? It employs a Proof of Stake (POS) rather than a Proof of Work (POW) operating architecture.

Even if you're a beginner, keep reading because I'll explain Cardano in simple terms. You'll also learn how to mine for ADA. Let's get this party started right away.

How to Mine Cardano (ADA) Crypto Coin?

Using my PC, I mined about 2 ADAs in 48 hours. Would you like to know how I did it? Continue reading this article to find out.

But first, let's learn a little more about ADA.

What exactly is Cardano? (ADA)

Cardano ADA is named after Ada Lovelace, a 19th-century mathematician, and the first programmer. She is the daughter of Lord Byron, an English poet. Although this is interesting to know, it is unimportant to you.

what is cardano ada

Ada is digital money anyone may use to make a safe value exchange. It serves as a means of exchange. Every transaction is recorded in perpetuity on the Cardano blockchain. Therefore, every ADA owner owns a piece of the Cardano network.

How do I get Cardano? You'll need your wallet to delegate or commit to a stake pool for this. It indicates that Cardano is built on the concept of proof of stake. To acquire or sell ADA coins, follow these steps:

  • Visit one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance or Coinbase.
  • Create an account on the cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Create or purchase a wallet similar to Yoroi.
  • Begin purchasing ADA in exchange for another coin, such as USDT.

That is how you purchase or sell ADA. However, the Cardano Foundation recommends Daedalus or Yoroi wallets for security and privacy. Daedalus is a desktop full-node wallet. Yoroi is a lightweight Cardano wallet that you can install with a single click. As a result, I chose it for this tutorial.

Why Is Cardano Important?

Cardano (ADA) is a significant cryptocurrency in today's globe. It improves on Bitcoin and Ethereum technology in terms of sustainability and scalability. In addition, it is relatively environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, it is faster and more secure than Bitcoin and Ethereum. So isn't it sufficient to begin mining Cardano ADA on a PC or full-fledged rig? Cardano has recently received widespread attention. But I'm sure it's worth more.

Here are some further reasons why Cardano is a must-mine cryptocurrency:

  • First, Cardano ADA is energy-efficient, consuming only six gigatonnes annually. While Bitcoin and Ethereum consume approximately 130 and 50 terawatt-hours of energy each year.
  • The creator of Cardano is also the creator of Ethereurm. And it's significant because we've previously seen Hoskinson's work.
  • Cardano networks are capable of handling a large number of transactions. For example, BTC can only process five transactions per second, whereas Cardano can process 257 transactions per second.
  • Currency is only valuable when it has monetary worth. As a result, Cardano offers a wide range of applications in healthcare, banking, agriculture, and other industries.
  • The supply of Cardano ADA coins is restricted. It can hold a maximum of 45 billion ADA. And, for your information, there are currently 32 billion ADA in circulation.

All of these critical points bode well for Cardano ADA. This article is for you if you wish to mine Cardano at home. But first, allow me to confess.

You can't mine Cardano!

What? Are you upset with me? Don't be that way. Let me explain why.

But don't worry; I'll still teach you how to mine Cardano on PC.

Why Can't You Mine Cardano? (ADA)

As I mentioned before in this tutorial, Cardano is a cryptocurrency based on proof of stake. And it implies you won't be able to present your work because it doesn't demand proof of work. So let me now clarify both in simple terms for you.

Proof of Work (POW) compels you to sell your coins to pay the bill, consuming a lot of energy. In Proof of Stake (POS), mining power is determined by the percentage of coins held by a miner. The load is divided by the number of coins already in a miner's possession.

Returning to the point that you cannot mine Cardano because it is based on proof of stake. However, it is more energy-efficient than other cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH. So, now that you understand the fundamentals of Cardano, let's move on to the actual guide for mining ADA.

Excited? Let's get started right now.

How to Mine Cardano (ADA) at Home on a PC or Laptop

Create a Yoroi wallet, then download the UnMinable miner, configure, and start it. That is how you begin mining ETH, which will be saved in your wallet as ADA. Does that sound reasonable? Let's delve a little more into the issue now.

Create a Yoroi Wallet

Yoroi is one of the world's fastest and most secure cryptocurrency wallets. Along with the Daedalus, it is officially recommended by the Cardano Foundation. YOROI, on the other hand, is lighter than Daedalus. As a result, it takes only a few minutes to create a Yoroi wallet.

Here's how you do it:

1. Visit and press the ‘Download' button.

Yoroi wallet home page

2. Select the download version that matches your operating system. I used the Chrome browser.

choose from downloads option yoroi wallet

3. Select ‘Add to Chrome' if you want to use the wallet in Google Chrome as I do.

Yoroi Chrome Extension Install

4. Click “Add extension” when you're ready.

5. In Google Chrome, click on the Yoroi logo in the extension's bar.

6. Choose the ‘Simple' wallet right now.

Choose Simple Wallet Option

7. Skip the next option or allow to enable Cardano payment URLs.

8. Connect your hardware wallet, create a new one, or restore the old one.

9. Choose the ‘Cardano ADA' and ‘create wallet' now.

Choose Ergo Coins

7. Enter your wallet information and choose a “recovery phrase.”

However, don't forget about it after you've put it up because you may need it for safe transactions.

And then, whoosh! You've made a new Yoroi wallet. It is now time to link your hardware to a mining pool. Let's get started straight now. To acquire your wallet's address, go to ‘Receive.'

Install the Miner.

Here's how to get the miner. Again, I choose unMinable for this case study.

1. Go to Github and get NBMiner to mine. ADA

2. Unzip the compressed file

To begin mining Cardano ADA, you must first configure the miner.

Configure the Miner

1. Right-click the ‘start eth.bat' file and click edit.

2. Remove data from the file

3. Replace the following information:

nbminer.exe -a ethash -o stratum+tcp:POOL_URL -u COIN: ADDRESS.WORKER pause

WORKER might be anything, such as your name or the name of your company.

4. Replace your ADA Wallet Address for ADDRESS.

5. For ADA, replace POOL URL with UnMinable's pool.

6. Save it, and voila!

Let me remind you that you will mine ETH and be compensated in ADA using this method. ADA cannot be mined directly. So let's get your miner started right away.

Start the Miner.

Return to the folder you downloaded from unMinable. And then launch the ‘start eth.bat' file. If everything goes well, you should be able to launch the miner now.

Check to See If It's Working

But first, let's make sure the miner is operational. This is how you do it:

1. Make a note of your YOROI's ADA wallet address.

2. Copy it and paste it into the address field of UnMinable.

3. Immediately search for and examine the mining process.

Your work isn't done yet. It all starts right here. How? You must now regularly monitor the temperature of your GPU.

Monitor the Temperature of Your GPU

It is critical to keep an eye on the temperature of your GPU. If it is significantly increased, it can potentially destroy your hardware. MSI Afterburner is the best software for monitoring your PC's temperature. Learn how to use MSI Afterburner to check the temperature of your GPU or CPU in your PC.

  • To begin, launch MSI Afterburner and download the file.
  • Unzip the file and double-click the .exe file to launch it.
  • Follow the installation instructions.
  • Launch MSI Afterburner and navigate to the ‘General' page.

That's all there is to it! This is how you keep track of the GPU temperature of your PC while mining ADA or any other cryptocurrency. Of course, 70°C is the ideal temperature for GPU mining. But I always keep it below 60°C — as low as possible.

Summarizing How To Mine Cardano ADA in PC or Laptop (2022)

Without question, Cardano ADA is a significant cryptocurrency with a bright future. Compared to other prominent cryptocurrencies such as BTC or ETH, it consumes less energy.

There are other advantages to holding Cardano.

As a result, many crypto enthusiasts, including yourself, are looking for Cardano ADA mining. However, you cannot directly mine because it is based on Proof of Stake (PoS). Instead, what you can do is mine ETH, earn it, and keep it in your wallet as ADA.

Allow me to summarize the procedure for you:

  • Create a wallet on YOROI
  • Download the miner from UnMinable
  • Set it up and run it
  • Start holding ADA

Using this strategy, I held around 2 ADA tokens in my YOROI wallet within 48 hours. Of course, you are free to do the same if you like. It's not as difficult as some people believe. That being said, I hope you've learned how to mine Cardano and wish you the best of luck in your efforts.

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